Posh isolation

by shitfiresavematches

Tim’s plane will be landing at O’Hare in 2 hours. The place is spotless (except for the Comet still sitting in the tub), and you can’t even tell I have been an indulgent slob since Tuesday. Surprisingly, I’m not even in that bad of a mood.

Last night I was feeling disappointed in myself and like a total failure for drinking the moment Tim left. But when I heard myself putting myself down to my therapist this morning I realized sometimes I need to go tell myself to go fuck myself. I’ve made lots of strides at self-improvement and for the first time I’m willingly in therapy and with someone who respects me. I don’t know what else I want from me right now.

Whatevs. I can’t wait to get a hug from Tim. And my birthday surprise is tomorrow! ^_^