by shitfiresavematches

So today we’re working from the office and it looks like it’s happening every Tuesday and Monday from now on. I s’pose I’m glad because I do often complain to my therapist about having cabin fever all the time at home, but now I have to spend money, bring lunch, and wear clothes. Funk that. 

Last night Tim took me to see West Side Story at the Oriental Theater and I had a blast. I almost cried when he told me of the surprise Saturday night; it was completely unexpected and incredibly thoughtful. And it’s world’s better than a manicure set, a dvd, a check, or a piece of old weed – all awful gifts.

Before the show we had made plans to go to Big and Little’s for po’boys, but no one thought to check the hours and they were closed (on Sunday’s), so we had to suffer and eat delicious sushi down the block.