Hell low.

by shitfiresavematches

Photo on 2013-08-05 at 4.26 PM

Yesterday was wild even though it was totally typical of a Sunday! We had to do some ridiculous exercise at my pre-improv (EBT) session in which our facilitator called on us one by one and then asked if anyone in the room (there were 7 of us) wanted to give a compliment. Said ‘complimentee’ had to give a genuine reply and verbally accept the compliment.

I talked to another girl about it afterwards and we both agreed it was so much more stressful than we had expected. For me, I was afraid no one would have anything good to say and then I just assumed they were saying it because they felt bad for me since no one volunteered a compliment so quickly.

I told a girl named Angie I envied her soft, beautiful smile and super white teeth. She said no one had said that to her before, which I found odd because her smile really is pretty. I also told Matt he was hilarious without even trying and that he was probably my favorite person from the class. Yesterday was his last day (for some reason he lives in DC and flies out every weekend to Chicago for this class to which a driver takes him and is now heading down to college in Florida) and we decided to keep in touch. He is way too quiet for his own good and I’ve always felt more comfortable around people who are ostensibly more uncomfortable than I am.

The two compliments I received were (paraphrased):

1) I admire you that you seem like a warm woman who is also as tough as nails…but not enough to make me not want to be your friend.

2) I can tell when you speak that you love writing.

I don’t even remember how I took those, but I appreciated them both. I am so glad no one said anything about my looks, though (hypocrite? maybe.).

Photo on 2013-08-05 at 4.26 PM