Grocery night.

by shitfiresavematches

Grocery shopping is about my favorite activity in the world.

Hmm. I thought that may have been an over-statement for a second so I thought about it some more. It really is my favorite. Last night I did the usual inventory of what we had to work with. I decided on some meals based on my findings and wrote down any supplemental ingredients on THE LIST! Then I flipped through some cookbooks and chose out a new recipe or two to try and of course there’s always the standards, which here are arroz con pollo, shepherd’s pie, any pasta with shit-loads of veggies, chicken/cheese/rice/mushroom casserole, and kale with sausage and white beans. And lots of candy, but lately Tim has been trying to curb how much he spends on junk food. Wednesday we worked around that by making brownies with stuff we had in the ”pantry” (a closet we stuffed a shelf into and call a pantry). 

[TANGENT]I’m shocked my bank account isn’t depleted, but it is dangerously close. I almost got upset the other day when I mentioned wanting to buy a dress and Tim asked me not to because “any money you spend is like I’m spending it since you don’t have a job.” I had to bite my tongue because even though ‘FUCK HIM’, I did see the irresponsibility in buying new clothes when 1) NO JOB 2) NOWHERE TO GO (AND EVEN IF I DID GO SOMEWHERE I WOULDN’T HAVE MONEY TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE ‘1’).

However, it propelled me to open an Etsy account and start selling my paintings. Lately (and in the past) I’ve just given them away to family or hid them in my closet, but I figure this is a better and slightly more lucrative idea…Not that my art is anything great! We’ll see. I’m definitely not going to stop looking for a job, but in the meantime I should be more creative about earning monies. I’ve some other ideas kicking around, too.[/TANGENT]


No one ever grocery shops on Friday night, so Friday night is my favorite night to grocery shop. Plus, it’s almost like a date since so much trekking is involved and we genuinely have a good time at the grocery store together.