S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night.

by shitfiresavematches

The Conjuring was pretty whack. We downloaded it tonight and even if the Japanese subtitles hadn’t been there, I still would have thought so. I mean, I guess it was okay for a cheesy movie. I can definitely tell they set it up for a part II; people gotta work, I s’pose. 

Today was mostly a day of desperation in trying to fill up time… at least for me. I can’t even remember what I did before therapy @ 10a.m but that was over in a flash and then I came back home to eat. After chowing down on leftovers from last night (spaghetti!) we headed to Open Books (where we only spent $9 on 7 books; being a member pays!) and then back home again.

We took Leon to Palmer Square and an older couple came up to pet him and told us they also walked their cat on a leash. They were at the park for a wedding, which I didn’t understand because that park is not a good park for wedding. I laughed so hard when a car drove by blaring a stereo that completely drowned out whoever was giving a speech. Tim read while I fiddled with our new camera ($10 bucks at a garage sale!). Then some little kids in suits (also from the wedding!) came to pet Leon, too. I think he liked all the attention. 

At the park I said to Tim, “I have a proposition – if my new debit card has come in the mail, will you share some booze with me? I don’t want you to pay for it or anything, but I don’t want to drink alone.” Hesitantly he said yes. Unfortunately, my card had arrived in the mail, so we ended up buying a bottle of wine and drinking it during that shitty ass movie. We must have paused it 5 times just to talk to each other.