My Life Was Changed

It’s no secret I love comedy, but I hate 99% of humanity. I found my spirit animal in Bill Hicks the other day, though, and was thoroughly devastated when I learned he had been dead for years.

My father used to be a fan of his, but I never gave a shit because parents only like uncool stuff, right? My father introduced me to  a lot of things people suck their own dick about liking these days (like) such as: Monty Python,  Moody Blues, berets (‘cept he wore them w/ doc martens and camouflage pants), being an activist, and too many music artists to name. Most likely I’d hate my father just as much as I hate anyone these days. Seriously, though, active activists are great but what difference is really being made by sitting down and signing online petitions? 

Anyway, super sad Bill Hicks turned out dead. He and Tupac…why? Bill didn’t even die of a gunshot or an overdose, just cancer, which makes it even worse. Why can’t Madonna or one of the perverted CEO’S of Disney get cancer? I’m looking at you, Robert “Bob” Iger!

I talked to an old friend today and he mentioned a new show on Disney; I don’t know why – he’s 34. So I googled this show and of course the babes are hot and the boys are blonde with stupid surfer hair and mall clothes. The bigheads at Disney seem to only cast little girls they want to fuck (and think other perverts will, too) and little boys they think those same girls want to fuck.