Holes Everywhere

by shitfiresavematches

I went to bed last night feeling excited for today, but now I can’t remember what I wanted to do and even if I did I wouldn’t feel up for doing it.

I s’pose I should make some coffee even though I’m home alone and don’t ever feel like making coffee unless it’s for someone else, too. I’d probably die of dehydration and  starve to death if i didn’t know anyone (yes, “i”). although, coffee itself dehydrates you if i’m not mistaken – that’s been known to happen on occasion.

today i want to paint a picture of swans and cats and one of richard ramirez to make-up for a photo manipulation i made 12 years ago of him at disneyland.

saturday i went to home depot and bought joint compound and stinking wall patches to finally fix the hole in the bedroom from my head. i saw another much smaller hole tim insisted was from my head, but i really don’t know how that got there. now they’re both filled, but now i have to re-paint the whole wall, but if i repaint one wall i’ll want to paint all of them. if i paint all the walls, i’ll want to rearrange furniture. and then if i do that, i’ll make want tons of others changes as i am wont to do. all that work will make me hungry…

if you give a girl a spackle knife…

One of my plans was going to the Benjamin Moore store. Or maybe Sherwinn Williams since i found a 25% off paint purchase in yesterday’s paper. Oh yeah. Now i remember all the other junk i gotta do. And some things i actually want, too! Bye, no one.