Racism by any other name would smell as sour…

by shitfiresavematches

So today I purchased the Chicago Tribune and read this sugar-coated little gem on the front page:

“Jobless rates average 6 percent in the prosperous parts of Chicago, yet reach 35 percent in desolate neighborhood. This global city of world-class companies and business schools hasn’t learned how to revive areas where industrial sites once employed by the thousands.”

In other words, poor minorities don’t get jobs while rich white people do. It sure doesn’t help that Rahm Emanuel (who I wish someone would assassinate) closed 50 CPS schools which are underfunded and neglected in the first place and comprised of:

African-American: 41.6%

Latino: 44.1%

White: 8.8%

Asian/Pacific Islander: 3.4%

Native American: 0.4%

I hate this city so much. I also used to intern in the Austin neighborhood at a youth center and I can guaran-fucking-tee there is no street-cleaning scheduled. Meanwhile affluent areas are clean as a whistle. And no, rich people do not litter any less.