It’s raining, man.

by shitfiresavematches

Today feels like it’s Friday, which is strange because it’s Wednesday and I’m not even employed. Everyday is like Sunday. But today? It feels like it’s Friday.

I sure wish I could get out and take some photos but it’s raining cats and dogs. Actually, it’s just raining dirty water. Can you imagine if it really were raining cats and dogs? That would be scary and kind of sad. There are enough homeless animals as is.

Or raining men? That’s just disgusting.

Unless Eddie Vedder dropped into my apartment.

Not right now, though. I look like shit.

Actually, I had sex with a guy 10 years my senior who looked like Eddie Vedder and it wasn’t that great. His hair was to die for, though. And that body was thick!

But listen, I don’t have anything against the rain. I love it. And sometimes when I get caught in it without an umbrella I don’t even mind while everyone else around me runs for cover. I’m just not as big a fan when it’s 40 F outside. But as Axl poignantly crooned, “Nothing lasts forever even cold November rain.”

Did I mention how much I love Eddie’s hair?

Can't find a Vedder man

Can’t find a Vedder man