Is it Summer yet?

I stood in the shower this morning daydreaming about going on a picnic and began counting in my head how long I’d have to wait until I could do that again. Then I stepped out into a 20 degree F day.

Awful. My therapist told me I seemed in a really good mood today, though, and I suppose I was/am. Things have been going swimmingly with Tim. And even the fact it’s holiday time doesn’t bother me. I hate the holiday’s so much and if you love them then I hate you, too. Even being broke as shit hasn’t bothered me lately. And you know, just because I hate the holidays doesn’t mean I won’t get my family any gifts.

I painted a picture for my mother. Am going to surprise my dad (step-dad) with an adult adoption of me…so I guess I’m his gift. :/ And I bought my little brother a sketch book and drawing supplies. I still might buy Tim a bad-ass tool-box for his printing supplies. And I’ll throw in a blow-job and let him put it in my butt or something – his penis, not the blow-job; I don’t know how the latter would work.

After therapy I walked around Macy’s aimlessly and got a really great deal on gloves and two shirts for myself. *wink wink* Then I went to Tim’s office and treated him to Chipotle. We took our food back to his work because Chipotle is way too crowded and because they speed you through the line like cattle I hurriedly ordered a veggie burrito bowl which to them is just black beans with rice and cheese and lettuce. I could make that shit at home for less than 1dollar per serving. If I had had a second more to think I would have remembered their veggie bowls are disgusting and it’s worth the extra 50 cents to get meat.

Goddamnit, I’m so frugal. But not when it comes to alcohol and cat food.

On December 20th Tim and I leave to Texas until the 27th. We’re driving there and have made the decision to bring Leon and Elsa along. There is no way we can leave them alone at home or with strangers for a week. I’m anxious as to how they’ll react but overall I’m excited about the whole thing. I sure am glad I don’t have a license!

I also sold a couple paintings each to three coffee shops in my neighborhood. New glasses here I come! (If you click on that link – I also have some bad-ass shoes and a cape for sale. Not a Batman cape, but a woman cape)