Fried things and me.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Texas until next Wednesday. I missed the State Fair by less than a week, dangit. I wanted to eat fried Oreos – among other fried things- and see what’s become of Big Tex. First the man behind the voice died and then he went up in flames. I sure hope it wasn’t done on purpose so that the community would feel loss instead of anger at there being a new Big Tex.

Texas Toast

Texas Toast

There’s always next year. At least I will get to eat at Norma’s. I just hope the gentrification of young hipsters hasn’t completely rendered where I grew up unrecognizable and a totally annoying place to live let alone visit.

Oh, and my Etsy art and photography shop is coming along about as well as to be expected: Arts . Farts . Crafts

Early evening yesterday I went to Parson’s Chicken and Fish and finally ordered something besides beer. I had the hush puppies, and boy, were those dogs delicious. The bartender was even super nice and started working with me on my crossword puzzle of sorts.

not [i]my[/] puppies, but identical

Not my puppies, but identical

When we reached a dead-end he said he’d buy me a shot if I figured any more out; I got it in less than a minute. I think I’ll go there more often. And it doesn’t hurt that it is right up the road. See ya soon, Parson’s.